Contribute to The Infinite Corpse!

The Infinite Corpse is an online collaborative comic that has an open call for submissions. Everyone in the world can participate. We're particularly looking for outstanding efforts in humor, creativity and/or draftsmanship. We want this to be open to everyone, but in order to keep it going it has to be outstanding, and all contributions will need to pass a degree of quality control.

You'll have seven days to draw and upload your panels once you reserve a spot.


  • The actions within the panels must be clear, and easy to read.
  • Three perfectly square panels which directly follow the previous artist's panels, in your own style, in your own palette. Draw Corpsey how you would draw him, not necessarily how the artist before you did. Black and white or color are both encouraged. We'd love it to be a wonderful patchwork of all sorts of things, but no halftones please. Leave a small margin of white space around each panel like so:

  • The main character Corpsey must always be in the comic. He is already dead, so you cannot kill him. Your panels cannot be the end of the comic.
  • Keep it PG-13. (We'd like this to be a place where anybody can come and draw and contribute.)
  • Panels must be RGB, at least 1200x1200 pixels, and saved as JPGs.
  • Please DO NOT include characters from your own comics, or others already created. We want this to be 100% original.
  • Do not post your panels online until they have been up on the Infinite Corpse.

A HELPFUL HINT: try not to introduce non sequiturs. The best way to go is to naturally continue the story.

One last thing: hand lettering your text will greatly please the Trubble Club. It is highly recommended.

Your parent strip:

Give me another random strip to follow

Remember! You have 7 days to submit your follow up panels (Sunday, Jul 21). You can only reserve one spot at a time.