The Infinite Corpse is an online collaborative comic that is open to everyone in the world who makes or wants to make comics. We are particularly looking for outstanding efforts in humor, creativity, and draftsmanship. Each new artist is asked to follow another artist's 3 panels with their own. Each artist is allowed to take the comic anywhere they want (a few seconds forward, a million years in the future, 20 years in the past, etc) as long as they follow the 7 simple rules. In order for the Infinite Corpse to grow, it must remain outstanding. Each contribution will need to be okayed by a panel of artists from the Chicago artist collective Trubble Club.

It has no beginning and it has no end. There is no right way to start reading, so please: dive in anywhere.

This project is meant to be a place of constant inspiration with new art coming in from everywhere. If you've contributed before, you can contribute again and again as long as you never follow your own previous panels. The Infinite Corpse is here to be useful to narrative artists. A place to keep creative juices flowing, and for an occasional sense of instant gratification, something we feel is needed by artists who labor for years to put something out. It's probably needed by everyone.

The Infinite Corpse takes its inspiration from one book, and one idea: The Narrative Corpse, put out by RAW in the 1990s. This was a book based on Le Cadavre Exquis (The Exquisite Corpse), a parlor game played by French Surrealists in the early 1920s. In The Narrative Corpse, 69 cartoonists drew 3 panels after another, each only seeing the 3 before them. The Infinite Corpse picked up the story right where The Narrative Corpse left off, except instead of the character "Sticky" in that book, we have "Corpsey." Picture him as Sticky with all of his flesh rotted off. But The Infinite Corpse is not a book, and will never be a printed book, because of the second inspiration; Scott McCloud's idea "the infinite canvas." The idea that an online comic does not have to obey any conventional page restrictions. Many webcomics could conceivably find a home in a printed book. The Infinite Corpse is meant to be at home online with no boundaries, and grow like a balloon filling up with stories like twine. It's a giant beautiful surreal artist-based choose-your-own-adventure story!

The Infinite Corpse is an art project that is just for fun. A giant comic quilt to get lost in. Please! Contribute! Invite friends and talented strangers you meet on the bus!

Have fun, Trubble Club